A New Lifestyle Blog About Midlife

I’ve done it again. Started a new blog.

It’s been a mental work in progress for a while and now here it is…a new lifestyle blog by one of those middle aged women that the Internet collectively wishes would just go away and hide her ageing presence from the rest of the online world.

But what if in her 40+ years on earth she’d lived a lot and learned a bit too. What if she has just a smidge of wisdom to share with the younger generation.

And, perhaps more importantly, what if she wanted to have a good old chat with some new people of her own age. To discuss our bodies that aren’t 20 or 30 anymore and are letting us down daily. To discuss relationships and careers and hopes and dreams and how to navigate them after decades of life’s disappointments. To talk yoga (when you can’t bend anymore) and coffee and books and travel and swap recipes. What if…

Want to join the conversation about midlife in all its marvellous messiness?

Stay tuned…

A New Lifestyle Blog About Midlife

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